FICA benefits from the expertise and collaboration of its member players’ associations. It operates in a number of different areas and offers a range of services to both its member players’ associations and the collective of players it represents.

  • "All players should have their rights protected - FICA aims to work in partnership with administrators to make our game even better."

    Lisa Sthalekar, FICA President

  • “Cricket is a truly global game. As players we need a strong voice supporting us worldwide. FICA is that voice."

    AB de Villiers

  • "As part of the FICA Player Advisory Groups, we want to make sure we play our role in ensuring players are collectively having their say on the future of the game.”

    Heather Knight

  • “We need to ensure there are high quality structures and agreements in place to ensure the players and the ICC are optimising the significant opportunities for the game at global level.”

    Heath Mills, FICA Executive Chairman

  • "Players should be encouraged to speak up on big issues in sport and society. With strong leadership cricket can be a genuine force for good."

    Jason Holder

  • "Cricket should be striving to provide employment conditions that attract the best talent to our sport worldwide and ensuring there are more viable careers for players from more countries."

    Sana Mir, FICA Director

  • "I would love to see the role of players' associations embraced across the whole cricket world. Player voice is important to protecting both players and the game. In my experience players care deeply about the game and want to ensure it's healthy and thriving."

    Aaron Finch

  • "Collectivising certain group commercial rights globally has made complete sense for cricketers affiliated to FICA, to help to stop unauthorised use of player image and attributes, and to generate new opportunities for players and the whole game."

    Jos Buttler

  • “Players increasingly understand the benefits and importance of working together collectively across countries through FICA."

    Sophie Devine

  • "We’re really happy to be behind a new wave of collective global marketing and licensing opportunities for players and the sport through FICA."

    Pat Cummins

To be recognised and respected as the global representative federation of all professional cricketers, past and present, around the world.

FICA is the world players’ body in cricket.

FICA is a democratic player-driven organisation that brings together the world’s ‘organised’ professional cricketers under an international body which focuses on matters that affect the players collectively, and the global game. Players who are members of a FICA member association are, by extension, also guaranteed the support of the other players’ associations in other countries. We care about:

Players: Serving players’ collective interests globally

The Game: Positively influencing the direction of the global game

Players’ Associations: Strengthening and growing

Global Player Advocacy and Negotiation – FICA:

  • Represents players collectively at global level and is the players’ counterpoint to the International Cricket Council
  • Negotiates player terms and conditions, prize money and group licensing arrangements for ICC Events
  • Ensures players have a collective voice on the ICC’s Cricket Committees via FICA Player Representatives on those Committees
  • Negotiates standard player contracts with certain domestic leagues ensuring players are better protected, and that those leagues have credibility in turn
  • Has successfully led international litigation to recover outstanding contractual payments for players across various domestic T20 leagues


FICA Global Player Commercial Program

  • FICA Global Player Rights Ltd exclusively houses and sub-licenses FICA player commercial rights (including image / attributes, content, appearance and data) in certain contexts, in order to unlock collective opportunities for players, the game and commercial stakeholders at global level
  • More than 500 of the best men’s and women’s international players in the world participate in FICA’s commercial program, being the international players from: Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, The Netherlands, Namibia, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Canada


FICA Global Player Welfare and Education Program

  • FICA manages and sub-licences both its Player Hub (online player education, content and communications platform), and Athlete DS (athlete personal development management system for Player Development Managers) platforms and is in the process of developing its global player benevolent and hardship fund


Players’ Association Support & Helping Players Get Organised – FICA:

  • Provides support to playing groups who wish to develop players’ associations in their countries in line with the clear direction of travel in world sport
  • Offers various support services and best practice sharing opportunities to its member associations and their staff, including provision of independent expert security advice

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