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ACA Chief Executive Alistair Nicholson has corrected perceptions about what male and female cricketers actually receive from Cricket Australia in response to articles in today’s media.

“It’s important that the facts are known because they paint a very different picture to that suggested,” Nicholson said.

“Most think that the players are getting a bigger and bigger slice of the cricket pie. This is wrong. The opposite is actually true.

“And this is despite the fact that it is the players who have helped grow the game to make it what it is.”

The facts are these:

  • The players’ share of the revenue they generate for the game has fallen away in recent years when compared with the growth of cricket’s total revenue.
  • Male players (International, State and BBL level) receive less than a fifth of “all cricket income” (known as Total Cricket Revenue) and approximately one quarter of a subset of that revenue (called Australian Cricket Revenue).
  • This percentage does not all go to the male players; it also funds many player welfare, counselling and education programs and staff, injury payments, family visitor periods and other costs.
  • The remaining 80% goes to Cricket Australia which has spent significant and increasing amounts on marketing, communications and media.
  • The current players have contributed in excess of $28 million over this MOU, in order to give back to the players that have come before them.

This generosity has helped fund various ACA initiatives to:

  • Ensure the health and well-being of current and former players;
  • To help look after the strength and development of cricket;
  • Ensure players are given the best opportunity to succeed in their life after cricket.

“For the last twenty years, Cricket Australia and the players have worked together as genuine partners in the growth of the game, and the game in Australia has never been stronger,” Nicholson said

“To suggest that players try harder or perform better due to the size of their contracts is not only wrong, but doesn’t respect the work that the players put in.”

“In reality, the players know more than anyone that they need to continue to fight to be the best in world cricket, and every time they pull on the Australian cap, they do so with immense pride and respect.”

Nicholson also added the importance of the upcoming MOU discussions and the role that the players have in continuing to grow the game.

“The players have outlined their priorities including ongoing investment in grassroots cricket and a greater say on scheduling.

“This, along with including all cricketers, male and female in the one MOU, provides cricket with a fantastic opportunity to grow in the right way.”


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