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Players call for the retention of the Revenue Share Model


ACA Chief Executive Alistair Nicholson spoke to media this morning rejecting Cricket Australia’s pay and conditions proposal on behalf of the players.

The players rejected the offer on the basis that it did not include a revenue share for all players and proposed a modernised version of the current model.

“I have gone round and spoken to every player group, male and female, national and domestic, and they are absolutely committed behind the Revenue Sharing model,” Nicholson said.

“They were proposing a change, and the players are saying that ‘we don’t want to change the model, but we are happy to discuss what sits under that’ to get the best agreement for the game.”

“In our discussions with key players and the board, we weren’t able to see why the model that has worked well is being called out-of-date or unviable.”

National Manager Professional Development and Wellbeing Ben Smith said that the model supports players in ways other than salary.

“Over the last twenty years, the model has allowed for programs to be developed to support players, player development and wellbeing, supporting players in transition and for past players as well,” Smith said.

National Manager Past Player Program Clea Smith said that ‘the proposal that the players are putting forward is a win-win-win.”

“There is a lot of money coming into cricket in the next little while, and there is certainly enough for everyone to win and prosper from that, ” Smith said.

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Audio grabs from the Press Conference can be found below:

Alistair Nicholson: Players are committed to the Revenue Share Model

Alistair Nicholson: Cant see why the current model is unviable

Alistair Nicholson: Revenue Share Model

Alistair Nicholson: Female players behind this model

Clea Smith: ACA’s win-win proposal

Ben Smith: Players are well supported under this model


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