Players assemble for annual players’ conference


Fifteen players assembled in Auckland today for the annual Players’ Conference.

The conference provides players with an opportunity to discuss and debate matters within the professional cricketing environment, as well as providing players’ collective thoughts on proposals and issues for the upcoming season.

Items on the agenda this year were:

  • NZC High Performance programme
  • Grounds and Facilities review
  • Master Agreement snapshot
  • Medical – Concussion and Helmet safety
  • Domestic Cricket review
  • CPA off-field services and event review
  • Agent Accreditation

One of the major topics of discussion was New Zealand Cricket’s High Performance programme and how this links to players in Major Associations. There remains wide variable in quality of HP programme’s across the professional environment in New Zealand, and while it is considered beneficial to have independence at a Major Association level, there must be greater alignment of what are limited resources.

Concussion has affected at least two of our members this summer, after they received a a blow to the helmet during play. The safety of players remains paramount at all times and we are keen to promote robust processes that ensures they are as safe as possible in what is their workplace.

The services offered by the NZCPA were discussed to ensure we are proactive in meeting the needs of our members, both in the short and medium term.

The Players’ Conference builds on the information gathered from the annual Player’ Survey, ascertaining key areas where the NZCPA can look to improve the cricketing environment in preparation for the next summer.

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