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FICA Releases Annual Review


FICA today released its 2019 Annual Review. The Annual Review, which can be downloaded here, is FICA’s assessment of the professional game for the 2018/19 year. The Review provides:

  1. An overview of FICA’s assessment of the game during the last 12 months, from an international perspective, as well as the progress that FICA itself has made;
  2. An overview of the professional game, internationally, set against FICA’s Principles, aiming to highlight areas of progress, as well as areas where it believes the game collectively needs to focus its efforts in order to continue to move the game forward; and
  3. A snapshot of some of the progress and challenges for each of FICA’s member players’ associations during the report period.

Commenting on the Review, FICA Executive Chairman, Tony Irish said:

“Whilst we have recently witnessed a compelling men’s Cricket World Cup event in England and Wales, traditional bi-lateral cricket continues to face challenges at the global level. The player landscape continues to shift in the direction of domestic T20 leagues. It is important for us at FICA to understand the variety of factors that are at play in this so that solutions can be found to ensure appropriate balance in the men’s game.”

“As the women’s game grows and continues to professionalise, FICA will continue to benchmark those factors which either assist this growth or hold it back.”

“It is for these reasons that we invest time and resources into identifying, tracking and reporting on trends in both men’s and women’s cricket.”


FICA will be releasing its 2019 Global Employment Reports and Player Survey results later this year. Those reports follow the release of the first men’s and women’s employment reports last year.



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