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FICA today launched the Leagues Hub, following a comprehensive review of all major men’s and women’s domestic leagues globally. The Leagues Hub consolidates key information across each major league, including the status of each league and reported issues within them. It is designed to:

  • Better inform players, agents and players’ associations to assist their decision making; and
  • Assist to raise professionalism, and improve the consistency and treatment of players in the growing domestic leagues landscape.

The growth of the global leagues landscape presents an increasing number of opportunities for men’s and women’s professional cricketers. While this has generally been positive for players and the game, a lack of effective regulation has also resulted in a range of issues and inconsistencies impacting players. The latest live FICA global player and agent survey data indicates for example that:

  • 1 in 4 players have experienced late or non payment issues in domestic leagues that have been sanctioned by national governing bodies and / or the ICC;
  • A number of player agreements contain one-sided terms and conditions including unilateral extension / termination clauses and ineffective dispute resolution mechanisms for non payment and other issues leaving players vulnerable; and
  • Opposition to players’ associations continues to be an issue in a number of countries and leagues, despite the right to organise and collectively bargain being protected by international law applicable to athletes.

The Leagues Hub highlights leagues in which these and other issues have been reported, and is intended to be a resource for players, agents and players’ associations globally to assist players to make informed decisions, and contribute to raising league professionalism and improve the overall treatment of players.

Tom Moffat, FICA Chief Executive, said:

“The growth of domestic leagues around the world has been a great thing for cricket and has provided a number of new opportunities for players, however inconsistencies with the treatment of players have led to the landscape being considered by many as the ‘Wild West.'”

“FICA continues to advocate for fit for purpose global regulation and increased accountability in the domestic leagues landscape to protect all stakeholders, including players. This should include contract minimum standards and effective pay enforcement mechanisms, for example.”

“In the meantime we want play our role in supporting players, their associations, and agents, by providing information in the Leagues Hub to assist their decision making.”

“We also welcome engagement from domestic leagues who wish to work directly with players collectively to raise standards and ensure their league aligns with international best practice in an increasingly competitive market.”

The Leagues Hub can be assessed here

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