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FICA Comment on Release of ICC Men’s and Women’s Future Tours Programs (FTP’s)


FICA Chief Executive Tom Moffat said:

“FICA acknowledges the work and positive steps taken, in particular with the development of the women’s FTP and the security of fixture it provides for more countries. FICA also acknowledges continuing efforts to add some context to bilateral international cricket through the men’s World Test Championship and ICC Women’s Championship.“

“FICA remains concerned that the FTP’s do not address the tension between the international cricket and domestic leagues landscapes, which is arguably the biggest challenge for the leadership of the game in this period of cricket’s history. The lack of formal recognition of domestic leagues, or provision of international cricket windows in the game’s global structure, and continuing imbalances in fixturing, including between bigger and smaller countries, remain noteworthy.”

“Whilst FICA acknowledges the significant challenges in finding solutions, it’s clear that all countries are grappling with ‘flight of talent’ away from the international game, and the increased volume of ICC Events, bilateral international cricket, and domestic leagues, which lay the platform for that, is unlikely to be sustainable.”

“Over the last decade, FICA has consistently raised these as global issues that require collective global thinking, collaboration, and compromise, to ensure a balanced global calendar that enables international cricket and domestic leagues to co-exist. Player decisions continue to shape the direction of the game and we know that players want to be, and should be, part of the development of any solutions.”

“We continue to urge national governing bodies to provide the ICC with a mandate to lead further reform on these and other global issues.”


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