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FICA Comment on Player Solidarity in Bangladesh


In relation to the media conference held by national and first class domestic cricketers in Bangladesh on Monday, FICA Executive Chairman, Tony Irish makes the following comment:

“FICA commends the players in Bangladesh for their unity and for taking a stand together in order to secure fair conditions applicable to them as professional cricketers. This has happened despite the challenging environment for players to collectivize in Bangladesh and it is a clear indication of the need for change in the way players are treated in what we regard as an important cricket country.”

“It is also clear to us that the players in Bangladesh don’t feel heard or respected in relation to important issues that affect them in their careers and that affect their livelihoods.  It is the role of a players’ association to be the voice, and collective representative, of the players, and it is a matter of concern to us that the Cricketers’ Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB) does not appear to be fulfilling this role at a very critical time for the players.  It is of further concern that it appears that office bearers of CWAB hold positions with the Bangladesh Cricket Board.”

“Given the collective nature of the issues we believe that it’s important for FICA to offer its support and assistance to the players during this time.” 

Cricketers’ Welfare Association of Bangladesh and FICA Membership

At FICA’s Annual meeting held in London earlier this month the FICA board discussed and approved amendments to FICA’s Membership and Minimum Standards framework and it was resolved that the new framework should focus on ensuring that member players’ associations are both genuinely representative of current players and clearly independent from relevant governing bodies.

In a follow up to these changes, FICA intends to review CWAB’s current membership of FICA.


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