Representing the views and interests of professional cricketers around the world: Moving the game forward in a positive way

The Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA) is the global players’ representative body in cricket. FICA was established in 1998 to co-ordinate the activities of all national players’ associations, which protect the interests of professional cricketers throughout the world. It brings together the world’s cricketers, regardless of nationality, religion, political persuasion or race, under an international body focused on matters of general interest to the game and its players.

FICA’s Board comprises of the CEO’s of each of its member players’ associations. It is led operationally by its Executive and its Head of Members and Player Operations. Former West Indian cricketer Jimmy Adams is the president of FICA. FICA’s operations are governed by its constitution.

FICA is not an administrator, nor does it aspire to govern the game. As the world players’ body however, it has a significant role to play. FICA, guided by its Principles, maintains a global view and works to represent the collective views and opinions of all professional player affiliated to it. Its responsibility is not to players in any particular country or region but to the collective of the majority of the worlds’ professional cricketers which it represents. Even in countries where players’ associations do not exist, the players benefit from the work FICA does.

FICA intends to advocate for basic principles that are important to players and players’ associations, and to maintain its views on the direction which it believes the game should be taking. It also recognises that it is an organisation within cricket, and that more is achievable when working cooperatively and constructively with those of the games administrators that wish to work with it.

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  • FICA established by PCA and ACA
  • FICA International Player of the Year/Hall of Fame Awards established


  • FICA commences dialogue with the ICC


  • FICA coordinates the basis on which player rights and IP could be on-sold in relation to ICC events
  • Other players’ associations join FICA


  • FICA formally recognised by the ICC


  • Tim May appointed as FICA’s first full time CEO
  • FICA World XI formed for Tsunami relief game to replace cancelled Sri Lankan tour of New Zealand


  • FICA negotiates player terms for ICC events (2007-2015)


  • FICA joins UniSport Pro (now UniWorld Athletes) as one of its founder organisations alongside IRPA, FIFPRO, NFLPA, EU Athletes


  • Paul Marsh appointed Executive Chairman


  • Tony Irish succeeds Paul Marsh as Executive Chairman


  • FICA negotiates player terms for ICC events (2015-2023)
  • FICA publishes Guiding Principles
  • FICA publishes inaugural Player Health, Safety and Security Overview Report
  • FICA commences representation of women’s cricketers


  • FICA publishes inaugural International Cricket Structural Review
  • Former internationals Lisa Sthalekar and Graeme Smith appointed as  independent Board Members


  • Vikram Solanki succeeds Jimmy Adams as Fica president
Office Bearers
Vikram Solanki – FICA President

Vikram has represented England on more than 50 occasions between 2000 and 2007 and amassed almost 30,000 first class and List A runs during his professional career. He holds a law degree, is a current assistant coach of Surrey County Cricket Club and is a former Chairman of the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) in the UK.

Board Members

UniWorld Athletes

FICA is a founding member of UniWorld Athletes. UniWorld Athletes is the world Player’s Association across Professional Sport. It is a worldwide collective of 85,000 athletes through major player associations including FIFPro (the world footballers’ association), FICA, the International Rugby Players’ Association, EU Athletes, the National Basketball Players’ Associations, the National Women’s Basketball Players’ Association, the National Football League Players Association, the National Hockey League Players Association, the Japanese Professional Baseball Players Association and the Australian Athletes’ Alliance.

Athletes under the umbrella of UniWorld Athletes are based in over 60 countries and belong to over 100 different player associations. They work in sports including football, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, American football, baseball, basketball, handball, rugby league, cycling, volleyball, Gaelic sports, netball, horse racing (jockeys) and Australian football.

The President of UniWorld Athletes is Donald Fehr (United States), the Executive Director of the National Hockey League Players Association, and former long serving Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association. Mr Fehr chairs a ten member executive committee, which includes player association leaders from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia/Oceania.

The Head of UniWorld Athletes is Brendan Schwab. Brendan is a co-founder of the Australian Athletes’ Alliance (AAA), and helped establish Professional Footballers Australia (PFA), serving as Chief Executive and General Counsel while advancing its progression and the reform of Australian soccer during the past 20 years. On a global level, Schwab has played an instrumental role for FIFPro in protecting the rights of professional footballers in Asia and Oceania, serving in various capacities including as a board member, Vice President and Chairman of FIFPro Division Asia/Oceania.

UniWorld’s objectives include:

1. To serve as a global platform for world and regional and, in their absence, national and individual athlete and player associations throughout the world.

2. To ensure that the independent voice of athlete and player associations is recognized and respected in the governance of sport.

3. To defend the rights of athletes and players by encouraging the growth and development of athlete and player associations. The freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, and, if necessary, to strike, must be fully established for all in the sector, regardless of type of employment. 4. To support the adoption of better national laws and international instruments aimed at robust protection of athletes’ and players’ rights as workers and citizens.

5. To co-ordinate and encourage the growth and development of world, regional and national associations of athlete and player associations.

6. Identify and secure external funding to assist in achieving the UNI World Athletes objectives

7. To ensure that the health and safety of athletes and players are always the primary considerations in rule making and policy formation, and to protect athletes and players against occupational illnesses and hazards and to encourage the improvement of occupational health, including mental health.

8. To identify with and support the broader trade union movement’s objectives, including peace, respect of basic labour standards by employers and multinational companies in the sector, decent work for all, equitable remuneration, social justice, equal opportunity, freedom of expression and development of environmental policies.

9. To oppose all forms of discrimination: racism, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, cultural and religious.

10. To encourage co-operation between all trade unions and internationals in the sector, with full respect for various professional interests, and to serve as a link with other trade organisations outside the sector to foster the greatest solidarity possible on all matters where interests coincide.

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